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Website Update

Sorry for the delay, we had some issues getting this rolled out.

After receiving complaints about the Uriarra Village Website not displaying correctly, I rebuilt it from the ground up and added some new features. This update will be rolled out tonight.

Blog & Account Changes

With this new design, fewer pages are going to require you to use an account. Due to this, all accounts will be archived, all new accounts will only require your email address and password when signing up instead of your full information. This is also going to ensure the website complies with the Privacy Act of 1988. As well as accounts, most blog posts will be archived, however, they will still be available to read.

New Website Design

The website has been updated with a new design that will display correctly on any device. This is to ensure that the website stays accessible for everyone.

About Uriarra Page

Announced a few months ago, I have finally finished the About Uriarra page (Previously known as History). You can learn about the village's and the area's history on this page.

Updated Events Page

The events page has a new look to make it easier to find out what is on. You can now switch between Month, Week, Agenda and Card View when finding events. You can also view more information about individual events.

Committee Page

There is now a page that gives the community information about the management committee.


There is now a Clubs page where you can find and join clubs. There are currently no clubs listed on this page but that will change over the coming months so stay tuned.

Help Page

The 'quick links section on the home page has now been expanded into its own page with more information and content on topics such as Internet Providers, School Bus and Injured Wildlife.

Connect Page

There is now a page that links to the Uriarra Village Community Facebook Group so everyone can be part of the community conversation.

Report an Issue Form

There is now a form for residents to report problems in the village.

Trusted Tradies (Coming Soon)

The Trusted Tradies section is going to link everyone into the village to trusted tradies that service the area. It is not currently online but will be over the coming months.

That's all for now, there is one page that I haven't mentioned which is the Uriarra Weather page, I haven't had much time to build this page and it is harder than the other ones so I haven't gotten it done yet. I am going to continue to work on this page and try to have it available by the end of this year.

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