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The October Roundup - AGM and More

2021 AGM Scheduled

The 2021 AGM is scheduled for 23 November at 6 pm and will be held in the Community Centre. It is likely COVID-19 restrictions will be in place, there will be more details on this closer to the date.

Spring Bushfire Outlook

During Spring 2021, the ACT is predicted to have average to below-average bushfire potential. The ACT has been experiencing above-average rainfall that is expected to continue throughout spring. Because of above-average rainfall during our cooler months, and more rain predicted for spring, the 2021-22 outlook has forecast the ACT’s grasslands as having normal fire potential, and forested regions as having below-normal fire potential.

Some Facilities Re-opened

Relaxed COVID-19 restrictions have allowed for the re-opening of the; Tennis Courts, Playground and Sandpit. However, the pool remains closed.

Remember to use the Check-In CBR app when in Community Spaces

Above-Average rainfall predicted for at least the next three months

The Bureau of Meteorology has forecast above-average rainfall between November to January.

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