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The May Roundup - New Sub-committee, MLA Meeting and More

Note: If you would like a paper copy of the monthly news please send me an email at

MLA Meeting

On the 6th of May, there was a meeting with Marisa Paterson MLA at the Community Centre. Here is a quick summary of what was said;

  • Discussion of Burnout groups, dangerous motorbike riding, issues with some cyclists and general lack of police in the region.

  • News that the Bendora Dam pipeline is proposed to go into the next ACT Gov budget. If that happens the pipeline will have construction start.

  • Lack of Mobile Phone service. This will be followed up with the Federal MP by Marisa Paterson

These are currently being investigated by Marisa Paterson and a follow-up Community Meeting will be organised when she has information to share with.

New Sub-committee

There is a new Sub-committee that has been formed to look into what needs to be done to improve the quality of our community facilities.


This website is one year old! I am really happy that the community finds it useful and I hope that everyone continues to do so. However, I have received complaints from many people that the website doesn't size properly on their devices and it is therefore unusable. To fix this I have rebuilt a new version of the website from the ground up. This website will size properly on all screen sizes and include some expanded information like the help page which will be replacing the quick links section. As part of this, all accounts will be archived.

This rebuild will be released over the next few weeks, it should be the final design change to the website for a while.

Historical Spotlight

With winter around the corner, we can expect some snow to show up in the mountains very soon. But did you know that it has snowed in Uriarra before?

This photo is from the 1980s after Uriarra had received some snow.

Winter Weather Outlook

Winter has average rainfall predicted between June-August but has above average day and nighttime temperatures predicted.

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