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The July Roundup - Replacement Tennis Court Net, New Trees and More

Replacement Tennis Court Net

There is a replacement tennis court net on the way as the current one is ripped.

New Trees

There are about 30 new trees set to be planted in the village, this is part of the management committee's ongoing project to complete the Uriarra Village Tree Plan.

Website Redesign

The website redesign has successfully been rolled out and has fixed the issues with the previous version.

Recent Wild Weather

The village has been receiving some wild weather over the past few weeks, on Friday 16th July, the village recorded 130km/h wind gusts and the following day there were some short snow flurries that fell in the village.

We currently have received more than twice our July average rainfall, with the village recording 77mm of rain over the past two weeks.

ACT Government Reponse

A response from Mick Gentleman about the burnouts and dangerous driving on the roads around the village has been received.

The dangerous driving behaviours raised are not acceptable and as such, the Minister has forwarded your correspondence to the ACT Policing Officers-in-Charge of Road Policing and Woden Police Station for their attention. They have advised ACT Policing will increase patrolling and traffic enforcement in the area as resources and operational priorities allow. He has also brought their attention to the days and times that this behaviour is usually occurring.
The ACT Government and ACT Policing are committed to keeping Canberrans safe on our roads. ACT Policing make all efforts to enforce the road rules, however, ultimately compliance with the law is a shared responsibility amongst our community. With more than 3000 kilometres of public roads throughout the Territory, ACT Policing must spread their enforcement resources efficiently. This means that whilst ACT Policing has a significant presence on our roads and in our suburbs, they cannot be everywhere all the time.
In collaboration with the Roads Transport Authority, Justice and Community Safety Directorate and community partners, the ACT Government and ACT Policing also undertake numerous strategies to improve road safety and reduce anti-social driving behaviours, including burnouts and hooning. These strategies include the ‘Fatal Five’ media campaigns and joint education campaigns in line with the Road Safety Calendar, which are largely focused on improving road culture and enforcement.
Public safety is a primary concern for ACT Policing. Where it is safe to do so, information provided by witnesses can be of significant assistance to police. Information of particular assistance to ACT Policing includes car registrations and specific descriptions of the vehicles or individuals involved. I strongly encourage you to continue reporting any anti-social behaviour and dangerous driving to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online via If a suspected criminal matter has occurred, please contact ACT Policing on 131 444 to report the matter, or in case of an emergency, call Triple-Zero (000). Information provided to Crime Stoppers is sent to ACT Policing for collation and analysis to further inform police of crime and issues that are occurring.

We are also expecting a response from Chris Steel as well. These are in response to issues raised at the community meeting with Marisa Paterson, who is interested in organising another community meeting to discuss the responses.

Uriarra Be Ready Event

The Uriarra Be Ready event will be held on Saturday 11th September between 3pm - 5pm. Some of the planned activities are; Children's activities, displays, and of course, food.

Bonfire Night

The Uriarra Village Bonfire night will be held after the Uriarra Be Ready event and we will hopefully have some great food on offer, stay tuned for updates.

Weather Outlook

Short Term

Although it is blue skies today, we are in for some more rain and possibly even snow over the weekend. On Sunday the village has a chance of receiving some snow flurries and maybe even a dusting of snow.

Long Term

Over the long term, we are expected to have well above average rainfall as a La Nina and a Negative Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) are forming, both of which increase the amount of rainfall we receive.

Thanks for reading the July Edition of the Monthly News, don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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