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The February Roundup - New Fencing, Tree Maintenance and More

New Fencing in Paddock D

There has been new fencing installed in Paddock D to counteract some damage horses were doing to residents back fences. This includes some new gates which you will encounter when entering through the laneway in between the intersection of Jim Bradley and Len Ryan and Jim Bradley and Ray Donnelly.

New Look for Bus Shelter

The Bus Shelter seat will be repainted, the exterior won't be affected by this.

Tree Maintenance Finished

All of the Tree Maintenance has wrapped up. This maintenance was to ensure that all of the trees are safe in the village.

Facebook Situation

As you may have heard, news outlets were taken off of Facebook last week, along with other services were temporarily taken offline as well. Our page has now been restored and you can continue to find information there.

February Rainfall

We have received 125mm of rain in February, this is is 70mm above the average of 51mm. Throughout this year we should receive average to slightly above average rainfall as the La Nina that is driving our wet weather is breaking down.

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