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More Snake Sightings

There have been a few snake sighting around the village in recent weeks. Keeping this in mind, we have some information about how to be Snake Safe.

The following article has been provided by Canberra Snake Rescue & Relocation for use on the Uriarra Village website

Making your property ‘snake proof’ is incredibly difficult, and in many cases, impossible. However, there are many things you can do to make sure a snakey visitor spends as little time in your garden as possible. Most importantly, there are simple things you can do so that you are aware that they are actually there so that there are no surprise negative snake encounters!

1. Remove unnecessary clutter from around the home - rubbish, tin sheeting, tarps, rock/wood piles and anything on the ground that could create shelter and doesn’t really need to be there. This could be as easy as elevating everything off ground level onto shelves or even something such as milk crates. Snakes like to be squished between tight spaces, and like cover at ground level – so removing that removes a nice hiding area for them.

2. Trim plants back off frequently walked areas (such as footpaths) and cut grass to a shorter length. This is to aid in having a clear line of sight of areas you’re going to be regularly, if there is a snake, you hopefully will see it to avoid stepping on it!

3. You still want areas around the yard (in the garden) which are still reptile friendly and some gaps in your fence - areas where both snakes and lizards can flee to/under in order to avoid conflict with you or your pet. If they are stuck in the open, they are much more likely to be defensive.

4. Try to avoid leaving water at ground level (such as dog bowls). If you leave water out for wildlife such as birds, elevate it in a raised bird bath for example- snakes can climb for water but are less likely to do so if there are easier options around.

5. If you have birds (namely chickens) you need to try your absolute best to make sure their enclosure is as clean as possible. Chicken feed will bring in rodents and thus attract snakes – get on top of that pest control!

6. Do not waste your time/money with snake repellents - they don’t work!

7. Save the number of a local, reputable snake catcher in your phone in case you need one – such as us, Canberra Snake Rescue on 0405405304

What you are really trying to achieve is a space that a snake will spend as little time as possible in. And, if they are there, an area that you are easily able to see them in. Most importantly, you want spaces that these snakes can flee to if they happened to feel threatened, rather than feeling like they need to defend themselves.

Stay Safe, Stay Snake Smart

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