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Monthly News - September

Proposed Bike Trails

A new draft proposal by the ACT Government would see mountain-bike trails put very close to the Village. This could cause issues as some bike riders might want access to the horse paddocks so they can park closer to the trails. Residents are encouraged to send the ACT Government feedback at submissions close at 5:00 pm on Monday 2 November 2020.

Map by the ACT Government of proposed trails

AGM Date Set

The date for the Annual General Meeting of the village has been set for Tuesday, 24th November.

Bushfire Season

Update: ACT ESA has announced the 2020/21 Bushfire Season will start on November 1st

Bushfire Season will start on the Thursday, 1st October this year. Thankfully, due to large amounts of rainfall over the previous months breaking the drought in the Canberra region, the bushfire season is forecast to be average. Although the rainfall we have had has increased the risks of grassfires if we don't continue to get enough rain.

Horse Paddock Signs

Private property signs have been installed on 6 gates on the perimeter of the horse paddocks.

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