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Monthly News - June

Bushfire Plan Update

The Village Bushfire plan is to be updated to make sure it is up to standard before the beginning of the next bushfire season.

Debris Clearing

The piles of debris along Jim Bradley have been cleared. Some of them had been burnt and had been sitting there since summer.

Village Defibrillator

The village community fire unit currently holds defibrillators for village use. ACT Fire & Rescue have offered to mount these in an easy access area for the village. Due to ongoing vandalism of the community center the Uriarra Committee has decided not to accept the offer. The current system for access to a defibrillator in the village goes as such;

  1. 000 is called due to a cardiac arrest

  2. 000 dispatch contacts the CFU team leader whom provides access to the defibrillator

CFU Saturday & Bonfire Night

This year CFU Saturday is going to be run a bit differently, there will be a sausage sizzle and some firetrucks for the kids then, a bonfire will be lit and pizza will be available.

Wood is needed for the bonfire so please start saving some over winter.

Escaping Dogs

Any escaping dogs in the village should be reported to Domestic Animal Services.


Thanks to everyone who sent in their photos, they're going to look great on the website!


More information from the beekeepers meeting will be coming soon including a video with the highlights of the presentation.


Overnight on Saturday 20th we received 27mm of rain, this puts our monthly rainfall total to 45mm. This is 8mm above average.

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