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Monthly News - January

I just wanted to start this post off by saying, Happy New Year! It's been a while since I did one of these Monthly News posts, but now everyone is getting into the swing of things the Monthly News posts will be back.

Tree Maintenance

There is ongoing Tree Maintenance in the Village to ensure all trees are safe, this should wrap up by the end of this week.

Wombat Hole Repairs

A Wombat Hole caused a part of the asphalt to collapse, this has been fixed and new asphalt will be laid soon.

Community Centre WiFi

There will be Free WiFi installed at the Community Centre by YLess4u, they are currently waiting on parts.

More News Articles

There will be a new addition to the Uriarra News team soon, they will be writing 'Lifestyle' themed articles. These could range from articles like '5 Best Walks around Uriarra' to '10 Fun Family Activities' another announcement will be made when these articles will start to be published.

Basketball Hoop to be Removed

Due to ongoing vandalism and the hoop being in a poor location, it has been decided to remove the basketball hoop. The Committee is hopeful they can find another location to put a replacement, with the disused Tennis Court a contender.

Snake Sightings

There have been multiple snake sightings in the Village over the past few weeks. As a result of this, there is an article titled 'More Snake Sightings' up with advice on how to be snake safe.

Thanks for reading the January Edition of the Monthly News, don't forget to follow us on Facebookand Instagram.

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