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Lockdown: What's happening with schools?

The ACT Government has announced what will be happening with public schools over the next 7 days;

From tomorrow - keep children at home if you can, you must keep them at home if at all possible Essential worker or vulnerability or other reason, they can attend local public school Teachers are working towards remote education - normal schooling will not happen during this week The past year has been spent working on a home learning library to be accessible for families in the ACT. Go to Education ACT website and search Home Learning - whole range of activities available there Children who do attend will be supervised and supported to access these resources during this time

Teachers and school staff must wear a mask Children under 12 not required to wear a mask 13 years and over children, must wear a mask Public Schools will be checking in with vulnerable families to ensure they can access the online library and resources.

Out of school hours care and early childhood education - these services can remain open for children who need to attend. Mask earing principles still apply here. But if you can keep your children at home, please keep them at home

If you or your children attend a private school please check the information from your school.

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