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Lockdown Delivery Options

This list will be updated as more options become available

Usually, Uriarra Village doesn't have many options for home delivery, however, due to the current lockdown, many businesses are now offering delivery to the Village. We have compiled a list below.

Grocery Delivery


Delivering Every Day

Delivery Cost: $0 - $15

Currently experiencing delays

Alpha Fresh

Delivering on Wednesdays

Delivery Cost: $5

Restaurants and Cafés

Red Baron

Delivering Week Days

Delivery Cost: Free


Delivering Every Day for orders over $60

Delivery Cost: $48 (Neighbours may want to coordinate to share the delivery fee)

The Bunched Co

Delivering Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Delivery Cost: $0 - $15

Little Theo's

Delivering Every Day for orders over $25

Delivery Cost: $6

Local Businesses

Canberra Native Nursery

Delivering Thursday and Friday (Orders in by Wednesday)

Delivery Cost: $20 (Free for orders over $500)

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