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Lockdown: What's Happening?

Due to a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the ACT. This lockdown will start at 5pm, on Thursday 12th August and last for seven days, unless extended.

Information from ACT Health Website

The ACT will enter a seven day lockdown from 5:00pm tonight. This decision is a result of a positive COVID-19 case in the Territory who has been infectious whilst in the community, and positive wastewater detections. We currently do not know the source of the infection.

This is by far the most serious public health risk the ACT has faced in the past 12 months, and that’s why the ACT is introducing a strict lockdown in response to this positive case.

We have said throughout the outbreak in Greater Sydney that we would act quickly and decisively. We have seen that a short and immediate lockdown limits the potential spread of the virus, and is the best path to avoiding longer and more damaging lockdowns.

This will be the first time that the ACT has entered a lockdown of this nature since the early days of the pandemic.

During this time Canberrans, are being asked to only leave their homes for essential reasons – essential employment, healthcare (including a COVID-19 vaccination), essential groceries and supplies and up to one hour of outdoor exercise.

General retail will be closed, and hospitality venues will only be able to operate takeaway services. We will be asking any businesses that has to remain open to actively prevent any browsing in their stores.

Now more than ever, the use of the Check In CBR app is critical when leaving your home.

We know from what we are seeing around Australia that the delta variant of the COVID-19 virus is highly infectious, and life threatening. For the sake of your health, your families health and for the health of the community – it’s critical that Canberrans take every precaution they can over the coming days.

That includes mandatory mask wearing, which will be reintroduced in the ACT. It includes good hand hygiene and keeping your distance from other people. We are asking people to not have any family gatherings and do not have parties with friends. During this seven day period, Canberrans should only be interacting with other people in your household.

We are also urging Canberrans to get tested for any COVID-19 symptoms. A new testing clinic is being set up and will be available later today at the Brindabella Business Park, and capacity and operating hours will be significantly increased at the Weston Creek Walk-In Centre and EPIC drive through clinic. If you are contacted by ACT Health as a close contact, please get tested as soon as possible.

We expect demand for testing to increase, and there is likely to be longer waiting times at each of these clinics. We are asking Canberrans to be patient – it’s really important to get tested if you have any symptoms given the increased risk in the Territory.

Further details will be available shortly on the COVID-19 website and on ACT Health social media accounts. There will be direct communication with stakeholder groups, including local businesses and schools.

Information from Press Conference

Information taken directly from the ACT Government conference re: ACT Lockdown, for your information (briefly typed notes, please refer to ACT Covid19 website for full information):

Lockdown for 7 days from 5pm today until 5pm Thursday 19th August Immediate & significant public health response Only leave home for essential reasons

Essential Employment Healthcare + vaccination Essential groceries & supplies 1 hour of exercise each day Stay within your local area - exercise in Belconnen for example, do not travel across ACT for exercise or essential supplies. Stay in your local area for exercise & essential supplies General retail will be closed Hospitality = takeaway only Browsing is to be discouraged by businesses - go in, get what you need, and leave. Do not hang around the local shops etc A lockdown is to stop people moving unneccessary. Virus transmits when people move around and come into contact with each other Critical to use the Check-in CBR App This virus is highly contagious which is why it is so important to follow the health directives. No family gatherings - stay at home, do not pop over to visit people.

Mask wearing is mandated. To be worn outside of the home. Rigorous physical activity or appropriate medical reason, is exempted. If you are going out in the community and will be near anywhere else, wear your mask and carry your mask with you.

No parties - don't be THAT person

If you have any Covid symptoms to get tested. New testing facility established at Brindabella Business Park. EPIC and Weston facility opening hours & capacity will be extended. Testing will be prioritised particularly for anyone identified as a close contact. Demand for testing is expected to increase significantly.

Please be patient. Do the right thing by the community.

Further details will be available on the ACT Covid19 website shortly. Specific information for business peak bodies and community sectors, is also being provided.

Man in his 20s from Gungahlin. Source of information is unknown. Has spent extensive time in the community, infections since Sunday morning.

Locations (should be up on website shortly):

Close Contact Venues at this time - if you have been here during the times listed - quarantine for 14 days (full quarantine) and get tested. Negative test still means 14 day quarantine. Online form on ACT website to be completed so they can help you.

Sunday 8th August

12am to 4.45am - Fiction Bar 10.30am to 1pm - Church of Pentacost, Irving St Woden 2pm to 2.20pm - Freedom Furniture Fyshwick JP Hi-Fi Fyshwick TK Max Fyshwick

Ie Canberra Outlet Centre - if not in those specific shops, closely monitor for symptoms

Assembly Pub Braddon - 9pm

9th August Stockade Training Centre Fyshwick

10th August Stockade Training Centre Fyshwick

10.30- 1pm Urban Pantry Manuka Harvey Norman Fyshwick

11th August North Canberra Business Centre Mitchell Companion House Cook Capital Chemist Kingston Coles Manuka

SCHOOLS From tomorrow - keep children at home if you can, you must keep them at home if at all possible Essential worker or vulnerability or other reason, they can attend local public school Teachers are working towards remote education - normal schooling will not happen during this week The past year has been spent working on a home learning library to be accessible for families in the ACT. Go to Education ACT website and search Home Learning - whole range of activities available there Children who do attend will be supervised and supported to access these resources during this time

Teachers and school staff must wear a mask Children under 12 not required to wear a mask 13 years and over children, must wear a mask Public Schools will be checking in with vulnerable families to ensure they can access the online library and resources.

Out of school hours care and early childhood education - these services can remain open for children who need to attend. Mask earing principles still apply here. But if you can keep your children at home, please keep them at home

Non Government schools - listen to what those schools advise you to do. ACT Education is working closely with those schools.

Best thing you can do to protect yourself, your family and your community - stay at home as much as possible and wear your mask when you leave home.

Reasons for leaving will be listed on the Covid19 website. Do not look for loop holes and reasons to leave your home. If in doubt, don't do it unless it is absolutely essential.

Don't panic buy - be kind and think of your community and be patient and kind, when you are out and about

Please don't turn up to be tested if you are anxious. If you have no symptoms, haven't been asked to be tested and haven't been at an identified location, please don't come to be tested. Best thing you can do is stay at home. If you do have any of the mildest symptoms, please get tested as soon as possible though.

Postcodes - standing exemption to be able to cross the border but only for essential purposes - work, health appointments. Please make sure that you are carrying identification as ACT policing is being vigilent looking out for NSW number plates. If outside of these areas, you need to have an exemption or to be able to explain your presence to ACT policing.

2581 2582 2584 2611 2618 2619 2620 2621 2623 2626

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